Finding Your Target Audience

Updated: Aug 4

Many artists have found success in the ever changing music industry , the industry is constantly evolving and it is important to keep up to date with whats working with musicians. When promoting your music it is important to know who your target audience is. You may have a customer/ listener persona in mind but just because you think they will engage doesn't mean they necessarily will.

For example, you may think you have the perfect sound for people aged 18-25 , but it may not go down with this audience as well as you thought it would. Not to worry , there are many methods nowadays where you can test your music out to see who your audience are.

Social media is a fantastic tool for this as you can create an ad campaign with one of your songs, in this you can select all different age groups and you can see which audience engages with your music the most, you can then target this segment of the market in order to optimise your success and gain new listeners.

Many musicians may not like this but at the end of the day you should treat your artist/ band as a business and think of it like a marketing plan you have. In marketing you have customer personas, for the sake of music we will use the term listener persona.

Let's say you are a British hip-hop artist it would be fair to say that the majority of listeners would be teenagers in secondary school, college/ university students and other young adults. You are unlikely to be promoting this music to anyone outside this bracket initially. You may think that there are listeners in their 30s too so this is where you can set the limit. You can group them into 3 groups . You have to be 13 to sign up to most social media but legally your marketing campaigns will begin at 18 years of age, so in this case set up a campaign to include 3 groups to begin with , as the hip-hop audience is predominantly male choose 65% male 35 % female in the ad campaign and use the 3 most likely age groups, which will be

18-24, 25- 34, 35-44 .

The next step is to create decent content as if the content is poor , the audience will not engage with it. Try and release a video if you can of a new song , or a link to the music with a picture that draws the customer in to hear the song but make sure the music is of high quality. Once you have this it is time to start your campaign and when you see the most engaged areas of your potential audience you can set up your next campaigns to only include your highest engagers for optimal results. This should, in turn help you find your target audience.

Of course we are aware that paid advertising isn't for everyone so this is where you need to be a bit more savvy. One way which you can do this is follow groups who follow bands who you think you may have a similar sound, and post some of your content there. Whether you have any video content or not , make sure you set up a Youtube channel , then you can post content here when you're ready. Currently , one of the most cost effective tools for marketing right now is to use Tik-Tok, make sure you engage with bands similar to your sound and their audience. Furthermore, it's much easier to post short videos on Tik-Tok instantly using your phone, this could be footage from a gig, on tour , the recording studio, any interviews you may be doing. If you get asked for any interviews, do them this will help you add content to your social media pages. Tik-Tok can help you , again find that target audience and you can send them to your Youtube or other social media platforms on there.

Furthermore it is worth your while to create shorts , and this is and engage with your audience on Tik-Tok, You-tube is also making a shorts feature available through smart phones and it's worth having a presence on both to help find and market to your target audience.

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