Red Hot Chilli Peppers : Unlimited Love , Album Review

Updated: Jul 25

Black Summer

The first single was Black summer which is one of the stronger more catchier tracks on the album, the track begins with John Frusciante’s melodic guitar sound and the tone is quite familiar also. The guitar shines on this album with a few cool little licks here and there, the bass and drums work well to create the groove of the song as well.

There is a cheeky JF solo after the second chorus which is a wink to his return it seems, gets more enjoyable with every listen.

Here Aver After

This song is a happy sounding song starting with a heavier guitar sound than the previous track, there is a theme on this album that Kiedis’s lyrics are more non sensical than usual, in some ways it’s amusing and can make you chuckle but you’re laughing more at it than with it. The chorus is fun , some Kiedis raps fit with the song and the chorus is vert catchy and will stick in your head.

Aquatic Mouth Dance

That’s right you read that correctly this song is called AMD , this song starts with an amazing funks bass solo intro, The chillies using that familiar 90’s funk rock sound. Frusciante’s falsetto vocals blend with the chorus beautifully. His signature guitar funk is certainly back on this album. The bass and guitar work for this song is a reminder of what we’ve been missing with Flea and john Frusciante back as a partnership. Flea is also playing the saxophone on this record which fits really well and certainly shows them broaden their horizons at certain points on the album.

Poster Child

This song is a very ‘ chilli peppers ‘ sounding song with the wah pedal and the bass providing a more laid back groove in the background. Kiedis seems to be shouting random works and shout outs to bands such as Led Zeppelin just for the sake of it but his flow does suit the song in all fairness .

Great Apes

This song starts with a more dialled down sound than earlier parts of the album, this song is okay but it is not one of my favourite, it is the start of the stranger transitions from verse to chorus as they jump from a mellow guitar sound to a more grungy guitar sound and Kiedis is at it again with “superstars don’t do the dishes.

It’s only Natural

This song is an interesting take off the album as it has this very summery sound and it sounds like it could have been some of the late 2000’s work et Californication but as it goes on it sounds more like a song from Stadium Arcadium. This is a nice relaxed , chill out kind of song.

She’s a Lover

This fits quite well off the back of the last track with the peppers usual familiar sound in this quartet as Frusciante is brining the harmonies back for the chorus and , strumming those funk chords over Flea’s riveting bass while Chad Smith holds down the rhythm.

These are the ways

This song was released on the eve of their album with a trailer for the video, this song is one of my less favourite on the album, it continues the theme on some of these songs with a light verse and a heavier grunge/pop/ rock chorus if you can even call it that but that’s how I’d describe it. Heavy power chords used in the chorus and the bridge which would sound more familiar in even a pop punk band

One Way Traffic

This is a fun and upbeat song , this has the feel o0f earlier chilli peppers , the voice of Kiedis sounds more like him in his youth, the guitar and bass throughout maintain that signature chilli peppers sound in the verses. The chorus everts to the more modern sounding chilli peppers but the blend works for this song certainly.


This song starts with a more laid back guitar sound which is quite pretty , it’s quite an upbeat but mell