Social Media Marketing in the Music Industry

Updated: Jul 29

This site was set up to help musicians with not only song writing and recording but also to give valuable advice on effective ways to market yourself within the music industry.

Using Social Channels more Effectively

So you’ve finally completed your latest recording and want to get it out there and heard by people but you’re a bit unsure how to go about this, not to worry Music Tarantula has got you covered.

There are many free opportunities online to get your music on and in this post we will discuss some of these platforms but you can put your music on any platform , the real challenge is getting it heard by your existing fans and of course you are going to want to bring in new fans. Being a musician myself and having a profile on Soundcloud I know how frustrating it is when you see someone has liked your video and it turns out to be a bot or positive comments on your work which end up being Spam. This is why it is important to get a better understanding of your core audience and what they are looking for and also it is important for your fans or people seeing your brand for the first time to get to know you. One of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to do this would be Active on social media on a number of platforms so we break these down here;


Get your band on social media and add everyone on your friends list as in the beginning you will want the numbers as on the Meta Suite you will need to have a required minimum in order for you to analyse how effective your page is. IMPORTANT: be aware that many of these followers may not be fans but it will be more of a vanity metric which means it will give you the numbers but might not be the particular audience you’re looking for , you will have an idea that you may have some fans of your music here and these are the one’s who you will want to focus on. From the information you have try and build a persona of your average fan, identify what other acts they follow and engage with. On your cover photo om your page be sure to have good photo of your act or your band logo placed on here, this will help you be more recognisable as a brand, if you don’t currently have a logo don’t worry if you don’t have one or you don’t have the skills use a freelance database like Fiver. When I set up Music Tarantula I had the concept in my head and asked someone to design it for me and I got 3 excellent variations of my logo for around 14 pounds, not bad eh ?

Next, you want to have a call to action on this page which will help you to keep your listener engaged, this can be something as simple as Please like and follow our page. You can also offer something with in this, it may be information of your next tour date or your next E.P/ song release.


Although this is a platform which may not feature as much content from yourself, it will however help you interact with fans of your music, say for example you in an indie rock band , you should like and follow the bands that are in your genre and most of the time they will follow back as you already have share similar interests and followers, you then see what the fans are saying about them.

Social listening is a very effective tool for musicians as it can help you to identify areas of your audience to target. Here you can see what people are saying about your peers and the creativity aspect of their work, also it gives you an idea of what you can do to appeal to this audience. Remember also that you have a really big chance here to connect with your peers and possibly see if you can be a support act at one of their gigs, if a band makes it aware that they’re missing a band member see if you or one of your fellow band members can stand in for them by temporarily while they get a permanent replacement.


This will be more than likely connected to your Facebook account but it is a great tool to use in order to be more engaging with your audience. You could post a day in the studio or you sitting down at home to come up with ideas for your next Album, the use of videos as a marketing tool can not be understated; ‘ insert statistic here’ . You can also post photos frequently with a short caption on what the photo tells us , examples are;

- Doing sound check for the gig tonight

- Travelling to our next gig

- In the studio, AGAIN !!


A fairly new player to the game but set up an account which focuses on acts in your genre and possible other players such as music marketing agencies. You do this by following these acts which are in your space and similar to Twitter some will follow you back. This platform will be a fast and easy way to post quality and creative video content simply from your phone, the good thing about tik-tok is it has it’s own mini video suite which you enables you to make more effective content.


Wherever you are in your journey as an artist/ band, you should set up a Youtube channel,

So now you have your social media sites set up a Youtube channel, remember this is a search engine as well and by monitoring what people are looking for you can keep up to date with certain trends. The idea of your act having a channel though is that you can develop content and over time it will give you a back catalogue of content which can give you more authority as an act in the music industry.