Focusrite scarlett 2i2 studio : Home Recording Bundle

Updated: Sep 29

We have been testing home recording products recently and we have found a winner which is the Focusrite Scarlett Studio, 3rd generation. It comes complete with :

- A great quality condenser mic with lead

- Home recording interface

- Studio style headphones again with great quality

A home recording interface is a must have for musicians , it makes recording music much easier, you can simply sit at home , record the music, mix it down and then upload it onto the internet via Soundcloud, Youtube or any other platform dedicated to musicians.

As a songwriter and music producer myself, I felt that I could not run my website without introducing my readers to the Focusrite Home Recording Bundle.

I have been a satisfied customer for of Focusrite for the last 10 years, I ordered the third generation model after I stood on my old one but even after 10 years the other studio was good as new until I stood on it and damaged the microphone socket, it still actually works but I saw a great offer on amazon and decided to replace it. You can have this offer too by pressing this link;

I noticed the new home recording interface model was more compact and better for travelling and there was a nice minor updated touch to the microphone and the headphones.

I had to upgrade and get a new mac to suit , I couldn't afford a brand new mac so I purchased a new one from Music Mag Pie. I went down to my home studio and I was ready to go, I got my guitar and my bass and I used Logic Pro X to get recording as I have been using this for many years. However, if you can afford a brand new PC/ Mac there is plenty of options on amazon,

The next step was to lay down some drums and record some bass lines and guitar riffs.

I sat at my desk in the home studio and decided to play guitar and bass and the sound was so clear , there was no issue whatsoever and when I played it back it sounded like a professional recording even before | had mixed it down, the thing is with these interfaces is that it makes recording so straight forward and all the cables come with the packaging so there's no mucking around. I was so impressed as you can fit the whole studio on the desk without taking up too much room. The good thing is about this interface is that it has a one mic socket, a jack to jack lead socket for your guitars and an aux input / headphone jack for the headphones of course. You can plug it all in and have it set up there for life, it could be the beginning of your very own home studio. This is the perfect entry level studio, I bought it as that but now it is my go to home recording bundle of choice, the quality is so good for its retail price and there is no delays or buzzing it is my number one choice for sure. Another thing is you can break it down and reset it up again easily and can even travel with it if needs be. If you are jamming with your friends take this round , as long as you can use a decent computer you can get working on that E.P you've been dreaming of immediately.

I am not reviewing any others for this as this is the perfect starter kit for any musician, it's also useful for podcasts as I have recorded all podcast episodes using this kit also.

We know that renting out a studio to record is expensive and the music business is a tough one, but this home recording bundle has the potential for you to become that great artist and get working on your new music right away. If you can't afford the bundle yet but already have the headphones or a mic , you can buy the interface separately for a cheaper price and get started right away.

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I have played guitar since I was a teenager and the first time I recorded music was with a four track TASCAM recorder ( which I still own ) which was very confusing at the time. However, with this product it is so easy and straight forward no confusion whatsoever. I have been using the Focusrite studio for the past 10 years and I can say for the basic set up for a home studio they don't come much better than the Focusrite Solo Studio for quality and price. I would give this product 8/8 tarantula legs but as there is a more advanced home studio version than this sold by Focusrite I will give it 7/ 8 but that really is the only reason as otherwise it is near perfect.

You can have your very own home studio with the click of a button so what are you waiting for , click the link below for the best price from Amazon;