Music Streaming Growth by Music Tarantula

Music streaming is the norm now but where did it start and where is it going ?

This site was set up to help musicians with not only song writing and recording but also to give valuable advice on effective ways to market yourself within the music industry.

I remember back when I did my degree in Music Industry Management , my uncle had mentioned a new music streaming service which was completely free. Spotify was set up in 2008 and I got wind of it around 2009 (I think ). At first I thought, is this the real deal ?, I remembered when I was in high school and had destroyed my computer using Limewire , Napster and other P2P servers. I remember buying an album in 2005 on Napster as after going bankrupt due to legal battles the name was auctioned off to a company called Roxio in 2003 and they trademarked under the Napster name and logo, they bought this along with another streaming service called 'PressPlay', this enabled them to create an online streaming service where a subscription was paid , does this concept sound familiar ? You've probably not heard of these other companies though, right ? This service was acquired by Rhapsody in 2011, I'm sure this was to compete with the now market leader of music streaming which is Spotify. This leads me back to Spotify, this was a huge thing for music fans as they had nearly every song they wanted right at there fingertips, they just had to listen to ads , and if you didn't want ads you payed a small subscription fee. There was so much talk at the time that this was going to ruin this music industry. It was reported that Lady Gaga , although she was one of the leading artists on the platform with the most streams she only made around $167 in the year 2009 from 1 million streams. This led to further artists taking their music from Spotify. However, fast forward to now in 2022 and artists can now expect to make between $1000 and $8000 from 1 million streams. This is a bit more money but if you factor in inflation and the fact that artists have to make a living many people have criticised Spotify for not paying artists enough even now. Tidal , set up by Jay Z is currently the highest paying streaming service as it pays their artists around $8000 dollars per 1 million streams. It is perhaps the more attractive streaming service for the artists but Spotify remains the number one with consumers. There is now as lot more competition developing in the music streaming world

So, what Platforms are available right now

There is now much more choice for the consumer, the biggest right now remains to be Spotify, but Apple come it at second and if you look at how they grasped the portable play and computer market you wouldn't put it past them. However , Spotify currently has 182 million subscribers and Apple is forecast to have 110 million subscribers by 2025 currently their subscriber number sits at 98 million . Therefore, it is fair to say that Apple have a lot of work to do, but they do currently have more subscribers in North America than Spotify does so you never know they could be overtaken. Furthermore , there will be more competition from subscribers as Amazon are now pushing Amazon Music and they currently have around 55 million subscribers. They are trying to catch up though offering free trials of up to 4 months . Music Tarantula has recently become an associate of theirs as we feel that if there is a free music subscription offer readers we definitely need to introduce it to them.

Our advice to readers

Streaming is growing and it would be a good idea to try all the subscription services you can especially whilst they are offering a free trial.

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